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Mewa Capital (MC&C) is a form of capital provided to early-stage and high-growth companies, . The key characteristic of Mewa Capital (MC&C) is the high level of risk associated with the investments. Mewa Capital (MC&C) firms are a very important source of funding for new businesses, because small businesses usually do not have access to capital markets (too small) or bank debt (too risky).


Mewa Capital (MC&C) keeps in secret the data, Know How , share holders names and business secrets that Mewa Capital (MC&C) may have access to. Companies in which Mewa Capital (MC&C) is involved require us the discretion at the highest level by maintaining our clients and associates interests always protected

At Mewa Capital we protect our investments
and the interests of our partners

At Mewa Capital, in addition to the corresponding and necessary financial studies that we carry out in each sector and company in which we invest, we also carry out economic and geopolitical intelligence studies of the country and the sector in order to protect the investment.

Mewa Capital has an in-house team of professionals specialised in Economic and Geopolitical Intelligence at the highest level and an extensive network of HUMINT contacts at the highest level, which provides invaluable information for our companies and shareholders. These operational means and protocols provide us with invaluable information for our companies and shareholders.

At Mewa Capital, this information is subjected in each case to an exhaustive analysis of economic intelligence to convert it into knowledge and intelligence of the highest value for decision making, which goes much further and to another level than market studies, economic reports, official information from governments, reports on geopolitics and reports from think tanks that reach the markets.

Our Economic Intelligence department allows us to see before others do, and we see what most other analysts overlook. Thus, at Mewa Capital, we can anticipate problems and opportunities, both in the economic and geopolitical fields, on average two years in advance.

At Mewa Capital, we analyse at all levels how the Dynamics, Forces, Interests and Links between the economic and geopolitical realms are changing.

Mewa Capital's process for decision making in economic intelligence.

Mewa Capital Economic Intelligence


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  • daniel ackerman vice president of investments
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  • hugh hasting senior financial planer
  • ewa clare greaves international department
  • joanna macmanus senior secretary
  • susanne rogers administrative and law assistant
  • alexander lloyd sistem and operations
  • richard davidson research and innovation business
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